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Curvy Spine Yoga Pilates

Curvy Spine Yoga Pilates

* The Curvy Spine Yoga Pilates is a blend of yoga and pilates movements infused with Schroth principles. CS Yoga Pilates is for those who have already gone through the individual treatment sessions and have a good understanding of their curve type and are versed in the Schroth terminology.*

The Curvy Spine Yoga Pilates series is a blend of yoga and pilates movements infused with Schroth principles given the type of your scoliosis or kyphosis. CS yoga pilates assures that you can practice safely regardless of your curves. 

Drawing on Dr. Sanja Schreiber‘s expertise in the Schroth method and scoliosis,  Curvy Spine Yoga Pilates was born. We created flows using the Schroth principles to actively draw attention inwards and focus on elongating the spine rather than pushing the body into postures that could be damaging.

Our aim is to create a safe and inclusive environment to practice yoga and designing a series that best suits your needs.

We will also explore pranayama (breath work), meditation, and free-written journaling to nurture not only the body, but also the mind. Tea and snacks will be offered after sessions to encourage conversation and leave space for any questions or concerns people may have.

We look forward to embarking on this journey with you, to become actively aware of one’s body in space and fostering a positive relationship with oneself.

Please, note that the series is NOT a replacement for the Schroth scoliosis-specific treatment for your scoliosis!