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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Schroth Method

The Schroth method consists of scoliosis-specific postural and breathing exercises that are different from usual physiotherapy that you might have received. Our Schroth therapists will teach you to auto-correct, which is defined as the one’s ability to reduce the spinal deformity through active postural realignment of the spine in three dimensions. Auto-correction is a fundamental component of the Schroth method. In addtion to the exercises, you will receive instructions about how to do things differently so that you are not aggravating your curve, but instead always working against it.

Is there an evidence about Schroth effectiveness for patients with scoliosis?

Yes. As part of her PhD work, Dr Sanja Schreiber tested the effect of Schroth exercises in children with scoliosis, and found a positive effect on curve severity, posture, self-image and back muscle endurance. Her studies were published in multiple publications and are highly cited. Sanja also received multiple awards for her research into scoliosis. Most recently, other evidence of the effect of Schroth exercises for scoliosis is emerging.

How is Schroth physiotherapy different from standard physiotherapy?

Schroth method is a scoliosis-specific treatment, specifically designed as a treatment for children and adults living with scoliosis and kyphosis. The Schroth method uses the understanding of biomechanical principles of a spine with a spinal deformity that is not typically a part of the physiotherapy curriculum. In order to use the Schroth method, physiotherapists must go through an extensive postgraduate Schroth training. The Schroth method adapts to your specific curve pattern and the treatment is fully individualized. Schroth also treats your whole body at the same time, unlike usual physiotherapy that focuses only on one part. Another difference is that you have your therapist just for yourself for the whole session because we do not utilize physiotherapy assistants!

Is there a parking at your clinic?

Yes, there is a parking right in front of the building. It is a 2h free parking. In addition to that, that are multiple parking options on the street.

How many sessions in total do I have to attend?

On average, given our extensive research and clinical experience, we found that 7-8 sessions in addition to the initial assessment within first several weeks is usually what is needed. During that time, you will learn about your, curve, how it affects your posture, your specific postural corrections, and home exercise program. We will also discuss best postural adjustment for your activities of daily living.

What is the follow-up plan?

After the initial treatment, your first follow-up will be in 2 weeks so that we can assure that you are comfortable with your treatment plan, and adjust and modify the treatment plan if needed. After that, follow-ups are usually every 2 months to assure that everything is on the right track, and to adjust your treatment plan as you are advancing with your Schroth. Alternatively, your Schroth therapist will arrange for the fitting follow-up plan for you given your individual curve characteristics and needs.

Why do I need several sessions?

The Schroth principles are complex and the method is very methodical. We take the effort to teach you in depth how your curves affects your posture, and it is important that you understand well how to integrate the complex Schroth principles into your daily routine. You will not only learn the exercises, but the best way to keep your posture in your daily activities. You may think of the Schroth program at Curvy Spine as a 3-part education course: teaching about the curve itself and how it affects the posture, teaching of the individualized Schroth exercise program given your own curve and needs, and finally education on modified activities of daily living.

What can I expect at the initial appointment?

During the first session, your Schroth therapist will conduct a thorough clinical assessment to best understand your situation. We will ask you to tell us all about your scoliosis/kyphosis journey. During this session, you will learn about your curve, and some postural adjustments. In many ways, this is a very exciting session with lots of information and testing, which is why we might need to wait to start with the exercise part of the treatment at the following session.

Are the results guaranteed?

As with every other treatment, the results are not guaranteed. However, what we found through research and clinically, is that compliance with the treatment and a supervised therapy to assure the best treatment performance is what is needed for success. Other factors, such as age, goals, curve flexibility, comorbidities, also play a role.

I don’t live in Edmonton. Does your clinic provide any intensive program?

Yes, we offer multiple day intensive program for patients living outside of Edmonton.
Please, contact us to discuss your options.

How can I book an appointment?

The fastest way is to call us 780-619-8603, e-mail us at info@curvyspine.com, or leave us a message here.
Your first appointment is usually scheduled in 3 weeks after you contact us. Because our schedule is booking up fast, you might be asked to book 5 additional sessions in advance to assure that you get the treatment you need.

Can I sign up for the group session as the first appointment?

Group sessions are only for patients who have already undergone through the series of individual Schroth sessions and are able to do their own exercises independently, while a Schroth therapist checks the performance and adjusts the exercises as needed.

What is the cost of the treatment?

The cost of treatment is: Initial assessment: $201 with a physiotherapist and $225 with Dr. Sanja Schreiber
Individual session: $144 with a physiotherapist and $161 with Dr. Sanja Schreiber
Group sessions: $93

Is the treatment cost covered by any health plan?

Depending on who is your therapist, you can check with your insurance if Physiotherapy, Kinesiology or Kinesitherapy services are covered through your health plan. Alternatively, you would be able to claim your expenses though your health spending account, should you have it. Additionally, if your scoliosis causes a great discomfort, you might be eligible for the disability tax credit through the Canadian Revenue Agency or claim the expense through out-of-pocket medical service on your tax return.

Are you open in the evenings or weekends?

We are open BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, and operate on some evenings during regular work days and on some Saturdays.

Do all the therapists at your clinic provide the same treatment?

We are all ISST – Schroth certified therapists so we all have the full understanding of scoliosis/kyphosis and Schroth treatment for your condition. With any Schroth therapists at our clinic, rest assured that you will receive the best service and treatment for your scoliosis / kyphosis. We meet weekly to discuss Schroth plans and brainstorm to assure we can provide the best possible evidence based treatment for you.

Do I have to prepare anything before the first appointment?

You will need to bring your recent x-ray images (not the reports). The x-ray needs to be a scoliosis full spine PA and lateral views x-ray. In addition, please bring or wear comfortable outfit that allows us to easily visualize your back (for females, a bra or a bikini is the best, as racerback sport bras cover the back).

I don’t have any X-ray images with me. What should I do before the first appointment?

Here we explain the process of obtaining x-ray images.

If you have not taken any x-ray recently, please, ask your family physician to write a referral to the University of Alberta Diagnostic Imaging Centre, located in the main Hospital building, as they have the best x-ray equipment available to scan a full spine with least radiation. After the x-ray images are taken, please request a CD with your x-ray images and bring it to us.
If you have already taken the x-ray but do not have the CD with you, please let us know, and with your consent to disclose the information, we will be able to request your images that will be sent to us through a secure hospital software.

Can I bring the old X-ray taken more than a few years ago to the first appointment?

Because scoliosis / kyphosis tends to progress over time, we recommend you bring us the most recent one for the best assessment. Usually, for adults, an x ray within 2 years is ok. For growing children, the best is to have an x ray within 6 months.

Do I need to bring a person with me to the appointments to help me do the exercise at home?

The Schroth methods is all about helping you gain the understanding and self-awareness of your body so that you can adjust your posture and do the home exercise confidently and independently. Therefore, you do not need to bring another person to help you during the sessions. We will adjust the treatment to you so that you alone are able to perform the entire Schroth program. Patients under 18 years old or with movement difficulties are welcomed to come with their guardians.

What is your cancellation policy?

Your appointment time is reserved just for you. A late cancellation or missed visit leaves a hole in the therapists’ day that could have been filled by another patient. As such, we require 48 hours notice for any cancellations or changes to your appointment. Patients who provide less than 48 hours notice, or miss their appointment, will be charged the full cost of the service.