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Fitness for Curvy Spines

Fitness for Curvy Spines

How many times have you heard: “Stand up straight!”? Sounds very familiar, doesn’t it? And the more you try to stand up right, the more it looks crooked. This is because “straight” for people living with scoliosis is a bit different than for those without. 

With that in mind, working out may need some adjustment to assure appropriate posture throughout your workout so that you are not pushing more into your curves. 

The primary goal for every person living with scoliosis regardless of age is to stop the vicious cycle of scoliosis progression. However, scoliosis makes the body to move in specific asymmetric unfavourable ways, which is why it is important to understand your own postural patterns caused by scoliosis. Schroth method provides a great framework for learning about your posture and how you should be adjusting your activities. With clear understanding of how your own scoliosis affects your posture, you will be empowered to implement new ways of movements in all your activities, including working out. 

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