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hope's Closet, the most popular under brace shirts

Curvy Spine is the exclusive distributor of Hope’s Closet under brace shirts for Canada!

Product features

  • Dri Fit Moisture Wicking
  • 100% Polyester
  • Double layer of fabric under armholes
  • Longer than average length
  • Flatlock stitching
  • Reversible flap
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Pilling Resistant
  • Breathable

In Stock Now

Cap Sleeve
All shirts come in white or black colours.
Cost: $65 CAD+5% tax

The WITH FLAP and CAP SLEEVE shirts are popular with patients whose brace goes high up under 1 armpit.

CAP SLEEVE is popular with patients whose brace goes high up into BOTH armpits, AND for patients who don’t like the look or feel of the FLAP. It’s also popular with those who wear the WITH FLAP shirts, and simply want more options.

CAMI STYLE shirts are popular with patients whose brace is shorter and does not reach the armpits.

​Hope’s Closet is about empowering scoliosis patients by giving them back some control; even if that control is only over which shirt to wear under their brace! We are providing patients with scoliosis the brace shirt options that didn’t exist before 2012.

The “with flap” shirts (WCR Hope’s Embrace® shirts) were designed to prevent fiction / rubbing between the patient’s skin in the underarm area (axilla) and the brace (axilla extension) for increased patient comfort and health benefits. This flap is popular with patients who wear Rigo Cheneau type braces, this is due to the design of the Rigo Cheneau type brace often extends high under the arm which allows for improved curve correction and accommodates  the patient’s growth in height.
NOTE: The flaps are reversible front to back, so flap can be worn on side that it is needed.

Our brace shirts were specially designed to be worn fitted by girls. However, our Signature Tank shirts can be worn by boys, because they don’t look “girly”, we recommend if you order those for a boy , to order them in one size up, or contact us, so we can help you to choose the right size.

 $65 CAD+5% tax plus shipping and handling. If picking up from our location, the shipping and handling is not added to the price. 

Our shirts come in Youth Small (YS), Youth Medium (YM) and Youth Large (YL)

Black and white shirts.

​Hope’s Embrace®, our inaugural product, is a cute and comfortable brace undershirt, worn under a scoliosis brace to prevent chafing and perspiration. It is also designed to help boost the confidence and brace compliance of girls in their adolescent and teen years.
​It features: Dri Fit Moisture Wicking, 100% Polyester, double layer of fabric under armholes, longer than average length, flatlock stitching, reversible flap, soft and comfortable, lightweight yet durable, anti-bacterial, pilling resistant, breathable