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Massage For Scoliosis

Massage Therapy involves the manipulation of the soft tissues of the body, skin, muscle, ligaments and connective tissues, and uses various techniques to produce therapeutic results. The goal is to alleviate pain and improve movement and function. 

At Curvy Spine we provide scoliosis-specific massage therapy. We understand the mechanisms the body uses to adapt to specific curve patterns, and therefore we can offer scoliosis-specific massage therapy that is dependent on an individual’s curve type and their goals from the therapy. Our Schroth therapists and massage therapists work together to provide the most effective treatment for each individual patient situation. 


Some of the massage therapy techniques that our talented massage therapist use include:


  • Myofascial dynamic Cupping
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Cross Fiber Friction
  • Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF)
  • Reciprocal Inhibition

Massage therapy in combination with Schroth scoliosis-specific exercises can optimize your personalized holistic treatment. 

Massage therapy in conjunction with your Schroth program may be an option for if you are:

  • Feeling tense, tight, unable to relax muscles
  • Struggling to do Schroth exercises or activities of daily living due to muscle tightness
  • Feeling like you have limited range of motion due to muscle tightness
  • Interested in increasing range of motion inhibited by tight muscles
  • Interested in a scoliosis-specific massage tailored to your body


Please note, that if you have any of the following, massage therapy is NOT indicated for you:

  • Fever
  • Contagious skin condition
  • Circulatory system issues (high blood pressure, varicose veins, history of stroke)
  • Digestive system issues
  • Contagious disease
  • Recent operations or acute injuries
  • Neuritis