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Schroth Treatment
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Required for treatment:

  • For the first visit, if you haven’t already, please bring your recent scoliosis and kyphosis full spine PA and lateral views x-ray
  • Females will need to wear a sports bra, regular bra or bikini top (no straps covering back).
  • Sports pants, shorts, or leggings can be worn (no jeans).

Telehealth Sessions (Virtual Schroth Therapy)

In these self-isolation times that we are all facing, we are pleased to offer Telerehab sessions to our clients who are not able to visit us at our clinic. The sessions are conducted through your patient portal, so everything is easily accessible. Privacy is very important to us and all data is encrypted in transit, and nothing is ever recorded or stored. 

  • For telerehab appointments, please wear comfortable clothes just as you would when you would be coming in person.
  • First time clients when meeting your therapist, you will:
    • be asked to you to tell us your story
    • have your posture assessed 
    • learn you about your scoliosis
    • do simple movements so we can better understand your specific situation 
    • get going with simple exercises that you can do safely at home

Returning clients:

  • ​review your Schroth exercise home program
  • assure that you are doing your program properly
  • adjust your program as needed
  • address all your questions you may have

individual sessions

  • 6-8 sessions are booked within 2-3 weeks, so that the patients can learn the Schroth principles, home exercise program and postural corrections to be incorporated in activities of daily living.
  • When a home exercise program is finalized, monthly or bimonthly visits are recommended to assure the good performance and to adjust the treatment when needed.
  • Treatment plan is personalized and tailored to a specific curve pattern and individual physical abilities.
  • While group sessions are also offered, some patients find it difficult to work in a group. For these patients, individual sessions are the best choice.
  • Cost is: 
    • Initial assessment is $201 with a physiotherapist and $225 with Dr. Sanja Schreiber 
    • Treatment appointment $144/session with a physiotherapist and $161 with Dr. Sanja Schreiber

group sessions

  • Group sessions are perfect for persons who have already undergone through the series of individual Schroth sessions, and have a good understanding of their own curve and how it is affecting their body features and posture.
  • During group session, each person is doing their own exercises, while a Schroth therapist checks the performance and adjusts, modifies or changes the exercises as needed.
  • If a patient has difficulty following the session through, the therapist may suggest switching to individual sessions until a patient’s performance becomes satisfactory for attending group sessions. 
  • Group sessions will consist of 2 to 4 persons.
  • Sessions are 60 min long
  • Cost is $93/session

intensive schroth program

  • For patients out-of-town, we offer intensive Schroth programs. The same outcomes are achieved as regular sessions, but delivered in an intensive program.
  • 12 individual sessions over 3-5 days are needed, but we adjust this based on the person’s abilities and other factors. 
  • The sessions are performed in the morning and in the afternoon.
  • Sessions last 45 – 120 min.
  • Cost is:
    • Initial assessment is $201 with a physiotherapist and $225 with Dr. Sanja Schreiber
    • Treatment appointments is $144/session with a physiotherapist and $161 with Dr. Sanja Schreiber

What do you get?

  • After your individualized home exercise program has been finalized, you will get:
    • exercise handouts including photos of you doing the exercises with explanations about how to do them
    • prescribed dosages and recommendations
    • handouts including the corrections specific for your curve type
    • ​and most importantly, the tools to cope with your condition for life